AWS is proud to continue to work in association with industry-leading hydraulic modelling software provider TUFLOW who will support a range of webinars in 2024.

The webinars are presented by experts on a wide range of topics relevant to flood and urban stormwater modellers. These are free for AWS subscribers.

2024 Webinars
How to benchmark your hydraulic model?
Water quality model validation using mass balance analysis
Efficient model running with automation
New methods to simulate runoff and pollutant dynamics in urban environments
Using hydrodynamic models to inform nature-based solutions
Applications of groundwater modelling in TUFLOW
2023 Webinars
Flood modelling 101
Water Quality Modelling – Part 2
Computer Hardware for Hydraulic Modelling
Sediment Transport Modelling Applications
Integrated Catchment and Receiving Water Modelling
Real Time Flood Forecasting
2022 Webinars
Urban Pipe Network modelling
3D Coastal Modelling 101
Operational Structure Modelling using TUFLOW
Coastal Water Quality Modelling 101 – Part 1
Theory vs practice – the challenges of flood risk management
Applied Hydrodynamic Modelling – Part 1
Applied Hydrodynamic Modelling – Part 2
Flood Modelling Quality Control
1D, 2D and 3D Hydraulic Modelling of Bridges
2021 Webinars
Is rain-on-grid modelling accurate?
The future of water quality modelling
Hydraulic model calibration to historic events
Coastal Modelling 101 – Oceans, coasts & estuaries
Maximising hydraulic model accuracy
Next generation 2D hydraulic modelling
Tsunami, Dam Failure and Non-Newtonian Modelling
Lake Modelling
Energy losses at structures
2020 Webinars
The Future of 2D Modelling
Hardware Selection and Trends in Hydraulic Modelling
2D Cell Size Selection for Accurate Hydraulic Modelling
2D and 3D Sediment Transport and Morphological Modelling
2019 Webinars
How wrong is your flood model?