Management of our environmental waterways often requires the development of numerical models to simulate ambient water quality processes such as oxygen, nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics and their interactions.

Traditionally, the usefulness - or fitness for purpose - of such numerical models has been assessed by making statistical comparisons between modelled and observed concentrations. If agreement can be demonstrated under a suite of statistical measures, then a numerical model is considered acceptable and able to be used for environmental analysis. Although sometimes useful, this method precludes developing an understanding of the underlying physical processes – i.e. mass fluxes of water quality constituents - that drive water quality concentration predictions. It is therefore possible that a numerical model can predict ‘the right concentrations for the wrong reasons. By only assessing the concentration-based performance of a model, it is not possible to determine otherwise.

This webinar presents a novel and scientifically sound way that overcomes this shortcoming by using the unique flux based outputs of the TUFLOW FV Water Quality Module to move beyond relying solely on concentration based model performance assessment, and towards a much more reliable mass flux – or process based – assessment of model predictive power.


Wednesday, 17 April 2024
1:00pm (Australia/Sydney; find your local time)
Format 1 hour webinar
Cost Free
Contact training@awschool.com.au
Resources Webcasts and other documents will be available here


Michael Barry


Michael has over 25 years’ experience working on environmental water quality assessments.  During this time, he has successfully managed and led a wide range of environmental studies in Australia a... Read more

Panel Members

Emma McCall


Emma is an Engineer with 5 years’ experience in environmental and water quality modelling. Emma’s experience includes a wide range of river, lake and coastal modelling projects using different num... Read more

Mitchell Smith


Mitchell is an Associate Principal Engineer at BMT and leads TUFLOW FV’s software development, testing/benchmarking, support and training which most recently has involved delivery of TUFLOW FV’s n... Read more

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