For a decade now, AWS has been at the forefront of providing exceptional professional development and training solutions tailored specifically for the global water sector. This anniversary marks not only a celebratory moment for AWS but also a testament to its remarkable journey of growth.

Between its range of free webinars and specialised courses, the AWS has equipped tens of thousands of passionate learners worldwide with the latest insights and skills to address challenges facing the sector. The AWS has consistently delivered high-quality, industry-designed training, empowering professionals from engineers and planners to hydrologists and modellers, to make a positive impact on global water management.

Over its 10 years AWS has also been instrumental in fostering partnerships with leading industry experts, academic institutions, research organisations, and government bodies. These collaborations have allowed AWS to tailor training which is strongly aligned with real-world demands.

Furthermore, AWS’s commitment to innovation has played an important role in shaping its legacy and will also help pave an exciting future. As the water sector continues to evolve with the emergence of new technologies, environmental challenges, and evolving regulatory frameworks, AWS will remain at the forefront and adapt its training to stay relevant and cutting-edge.

Take a two-minute glimpse into the impact we have made by watching the video above. Our journey would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our presenters and staff. These individuals have not only helped create insightful course content but have also provided invaluable guidance and mentorship to countless professionals seeking to enhance their skills.

As the Australian Water School celebrates this milestone, it does so with a sense of pride in its accomplishments and a keen eye on the future. The AWS is entering a new phase of growth and impact through its ongoing dedication to equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills to manage the world’s water resources.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and helping shape the future of water sector training with us; watch the video now!