Industry training for the global water sector

The Australian Water School is dedicated to offering practical, industry-relevant online training courses and webinars to enhance knowledge and skills in water science, technology, and management.

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About us

The home of industry-designed and demand-driven training to up-skill and share knowledge across water industry professionals globally.

As a business unit of Water Research Australia, the Australian Water School provides online training designed by industry experts, focusing on cutting-edge advancements in water science, technology, and management.

With a decade of experience in delivering top-tier education to water professionals, we remain committed to staying current, relevant, and at the forefront of industry needs. Our goal is to continue growing while offering practical, hands-on training opportunities that foster learning and development within the global water industry.

Our training courses cater to professionals across various roles within the water sector, including science, engineering, technical, planning, policy, environment, agriculture, mining, and asset management.

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