HEC-RAS 6.0: Part Two

Water Modelling & GIS

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Welcome to the Australian Water School (AWS)

AWS has been transferred to new custodian Water Research Australia, ensuring the water industry continues to receive demand-driven and industry-designed professional development and training to up-skill and share knowledge across water industry professionals.

AWS has continued to go from strength to strength delivering high-calibre online training, focusing on significant, innovative or critical advances in water science, technology and management. The webinars, live training and now on-demand training, provide a learning and discussion forum for the water industry globally. Attendees come from across widely varying roles including science, engineering, technical, planning, policy, environment, agriculture, mining, asset management and manufacturing.

AWS now has over 100 webinars! Celebrate by watching our 100th!

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Live Course: Python for Hydrology and Hydrogeology

LIVE COURSE FULL. SIGNUP FOR ON-DEMAND COURSE! Explore Python programming for water modelling.

Date: Thursday, 3 June, 2021 - Thursday, 17 June, 2021

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Webinar: Maximising the Accuracy of Hydraulic Models

What factors to consider where there is no calibration data to validate your hydraulic model

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ARR Course #2: Flood Frequency Analysis

LIVE COURSE FULL. SIGNUP FOR ON-DEMAND COURSE! Discover a how-to-guide on flood frequency analysis

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Live Course: HEC-RAS Essentials 1D & 2D

Master the powerful features of HEC-RAS by building 1D & 2D flood models

Date: Thursday, 1 July, 2021 - Thursday, 15 July, 2021

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On-demand Training

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QGIS for water modelling

Use QGIS in catchment and stream delineation for adding and visualising hydrological data.

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1D HEC-RAS 6.0 water modelling

Step through how to build and run a one-dimensional model using RAS Mapper, introducing fundamental processes. This course now includes an update with an additional 3 hours on version 6.0.

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2D HEC-RAS 6.0 water modelling

Master the powerful features of HEC-RAS to build two-dimensional hydraulic models. This course now includes an update with an additional 3 hours on version 6.0.

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MODFLOW groundwater modelling

Practical introduction to groundwater flow models. Simulate steady and transient flow in an irregularly shaped system in which aquifers can be confined, unconfined and mixed.

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