This webinar builds on the previous AWS 2D and 3D Sediment Transport and Morphological Modelling webinar of December 2021 as we apply our previous learning to some exciting and diverse real world use cases.

We’ll explore the use of sediment transport and morphologic modelling to:

• Assess river mouth sediment dynamics and potential for flood impacts during the design and construction of the Opotiki Harbour Development, a new trained river entrance for the Opotiki River (Mark Pennington Tonkin & Taylor New Zealand); and

• Investigate coastal navigation management options following the ocean breakthrough of northern Bribie Island, a coastal sand barrier island on the eastern Australian coastline (Alex Waterhouse, BMT Australia).


Mark Pennington


Mark is a Chartered Professional Engineer with more than 25 years of post-graduate experience in hydrological and hydraulic investigations and analyses. He combines a high degree of technical excellen... Read more

Alex Waterhouse


Alex is an accomplished Senior Coastal Engineer, bringing valuable expertise to BMT over the past 3 years. With a strong background in both numerical modelling studies and traditional coastal engineer... Read more

Panel Members

Teegan Burke


Teegan Burke is an accomplished Flood Technical Lead & Associate Principal Engineer at BMT, boasting 8 years with the company, following a significant role as a Project Engineer at WRM Water &... Read more

Mitchell Smith


Mitchell is an Associate Principal Engineer at BMT and leads TUFLOW FV’s software development, testing/benchmarking, support and training which most recently has involved delivery of TUFLOW FV’s n... Read more

Ian Teakle


Ian is a Principal Engineer within the Brisbane Coastal and Metocean team of BMT. He graduated with an honours degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Queensland in 1999 and was awarded a P... Read more

Opotiki Harbour Development

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