Alex is an accomplished Senior Coastal Engineer, bringing valuable expertise to BMT over the past 3 years. With a strong background in both numerical modelling studies and traditional coastal engineering projects, Alex has made significant contributions to various Australian and International initiatives spanning a diverse range of industries. As a skilled modeller for coastal studies, Alex’s proficiency covers an extensive array of topics, including sediment transport, oil spill analysis, thermal processes, receiving water quality assessments, and metocean studies.

Prior to joining BMT, Alex spent 5 years at Jacobs, with a primary focus on conducting comprehensive numerical modelling studies. He also gained exposure to a multitude of coastal engineering projects, including breakwater and seawall design, as well as critical scour analysis.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Ocean Engineering from the prestigious Australian Maritime College, which provided a solid academic foundation and practical skills necessary for a successful career in coastal engineering.

With a passion for sustainable coastal development and a commitment to protecting shorelines worldwide, Alex continues to drive innovation and progress in the field, ensuring resilient coastal solutions for current and future generations.

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