The third webinar in our coastal modelling series will investigate a range of environmental and water quality modelling applications run in concert with 3D hydrodynamic modelling.

Many situations can benefit from water quality modelling to inform decision making. Some examples are port developments requiring dredging and dredge spoil disposal, desalination plant or wastewater treatment plant effluent ocean outfalls, invasive aquatic species investigations and grounded ships leaking toxic material.
This webinar will address common environmental and water quality questions that scientists, engineers, researchers, managers, and regulators face on a regular basis when working in the coastal zone, including:
What is the likely transport of contaminants under different
meteorological, tide and ocean conditions?
Do we expect environmentally sensitive areas to be affected?
Can we improve our project design, monitoring, operation, or maintenance
to minimise potential impacts?
Please join Dr Michael Barry and Mitchell Smith, two of the lead TUFLOW FV developers, as they explore several sediment transport, advection dispersion, water quality and particle tracking modelling approaches; which collectively help support evidence based decision making in the aquatic environment.


Michael Barry


Michael has over 25 years’ experience working on environmental water quality assessments.  During this time, he has successfully managed and led a wide range of environmental studies in Australia a... Read more

Mitchell Smith


Mitchell is an Associate Principal Engineer at BMT and leads TUFLOW FV’s software development, testing/benchmarking, support and training which most recently has involved delivery of TUFLOW FV’s n... Read more

Emma McCall


Emma is an Engineer with 5 years’ experience in environmental and water quality modelling. Emma’s experience includes a wide range of river, lake and coastal modelling projects using different num... Read more
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