The theory and underlying computational approach within hydraulic models are evolving rapidly. Learn of the latest and greatest advancements, and the research which has underpinned TUFLOW’s 2020 release.


Bill Syme


Bill has over 30 years’ experience working on riverine, estuarine and coastal studies, of which most have been in the flood hydraulics field.  During this time, he has successfully managed and led ... Read more

Since its inception in 1989, year on year the TUFLOW software development team have been a leader of innovation in the hydraulic modelling industry.

This year is no different. The 2020 release of TUFLOW includes a range of new features and computational approaches which will redefine how hydraulic modelling is done in the coming years. Off the back of these innovations TUFLOW has been shortlisted by the Australian Financial Review and one of Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative companies.

Join this webinar to learn of these new features and see some of the bench marking that demonstrate how the most recent updates translate to significant increases in simulation speed and accuracy.

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