Choosing optimal compute hardware, on-premises or in the cloud, improves workflow efficiency and the ability to deliver modelling results on budget and on time. With a particular focus on GPU compute, this webinar is for IT managers as well as modellers and project managers. The webinar addresses key issues and challenges when selecting, configuring, and using compute environments, along with an overview of current trends for hydraulic and environmental modelling.


Greg Collecutt


Greg is Team TUFLOW’s senior GPU code developer and has over 25 years’ experience in writing scientific modelling software. He has degrees in both mechanical engineering and theoretical physics, b... Read more

Jaap van der Velde


Jaap is an accomplished Associate Principal Software Architect with nearly 8 years of expertise at BMT. He is a highly skilled application developer, architect, and technical consultant, specializing ... Read more

Panel Members

Mitchell Smith


Mitchell is an Associate Principal Engineer at BMT and leads TUFLOW FV’s software development, testing/benchmarking, support and training which most recently has involved delivery of TUFLOW FV’s n... Read more

Teegan Burke


Teegan Burke is an accomplished Flood Technical Lead & Associate Principal Engineer at BMT, boasting 8 years with the company, following a significant role as a Project Engineer at WRM Water &... Read more

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