Jaap is an accomplished Associate Principal Software Architect with nearly 8 years of expertise at BMT. He is a highly skilled application developer, architect, and technical consultant, specializing in various areas of information technology. Jaap is well-versed in a diverse array of development methodologies, techniques, and programming languages, including Prince2, RUP, and Agile approaches like Scrum. With fluency in C#, Python, JavaScript, Rust, SQL, HTML, XML, and related languages and dialects, he is capable of tackling complex challenges with ease.

Jaap’s academic background in computer science from the University of Twente has provided him with a strong foundation for critical thinking. He thrives in demanding projects that present numerous intricate problems to solve, and he consistently delivers his best work in such environments. With a proven track record of success, Jaap continues to be a valuable asset in driving innovation and excellence in software architecture and development.

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