Hydrology and Hydraulics Essentials

Training Series

From First Principles to Engineering Applications

Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling software packages are becoming increasingly powerful, with impressive abilities to run countless iterations and display realistic flood inundation scenarios; however, a basic understanding of the underlying concepts is key in correctly interpreting, applying and presenting results.

Working in collaboration with industry and academic experts the Australian Water School has created the Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) Essentials training series to be run during May and June 2022.

The H&H Essentials series will kick-off with 2 free webinars Froude, Dude! and From Courant to Saint Venant, where we explore the equations that are hidden inside the “black box” of most hydraulic modelling programs.

After the webinars the H&H Essentials courses will commence and are comprised of 8 individual intensive 3-hour courses. Each course in the series will focus on a key principle of hydrology and hydraulics.

Every course will be hosted by experts in their field, who will delve in-depth into the key topic, explaining best practice techniques and approaches covering theoretical background material and practical applications specifically catered to practitioners in the water sector.

Attendees will be introduced to, and work on, practical examples and case-studies, allowing them to apply the knowledge from the series and learn, hands-on how to use various modelling software packages.

How it works

AWS has designed the H&H Essentials series to be delivered as a series with each course flowing into the next. This enables attendees to build their skills piece by piece through every course.

Register for the ENTIRE series (via the AWS Learning Platform) and be rewarded with a 15% discount.

Series commences in May 2022.

Course DateSurface Water Hydrology: Quantification of Flow
5 May1. Meteorology and precipitation
12 May2. Infiltration and losses
19 May3. Flow routing
26 May4. Stochastic hydrology
Surface Water Hydraulics: Characterisation of Flow
9 Jun5. Hydrostatics and open channel flow
16 Jun6. 1D, 2D, and 3D flow
23 Jun7. Pipe flow
30 Jun8. Flood hazard, scour and sedimentation


These courses are designed to cater for engineers and non-engineers alike, with a range of provided background materials that make the course suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals seeking a refresher for the underlying concepts behind hydrologic and hydraulic modelling applications.


Each course consists of a 3-hour live session with pre- and post-course materials delivered through sequential units via our customised learning platform. Recordings of the live sessions will be made available to all attendees for later review.

As a live attendee, you will have unlimited access to all courses in the series until the 30th of September 2022.

The courses include electronic copies of background material and workshop instructions, with pre-readings/videos and manuals available for ongoing learning.

What’s included within each of the 8 courses in the series:

  • 3-hours of session recordings to view as many times as required,
  • Ability to ask questions to the presenters at any time through the learning platform,
  • PDF manual of the course available for ongoing use,
  • Workshop material for hands-on exercises, downloaded from the learning platform before starting the session recordings,
  • Pre-reading and viewing materials.


A good internet connection and software downloads as described in the learning platform. To provide the best desired learning outcomes, set up in a quiet space with dual monitors (i.e. one screen with the on-demand recording and the other with the software/exercise that attendees can work on simultaneously).


On completion of the course attendees will be issued with a Certificate of Participation. Attendees earn CPD hours/points with professional organisations for at least 5 hours per course (therefore 40+ hours for the series).