February and March 2022 have seen some of the highest rainfall intensities ever recorded in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.

These current extreme events are having devastating effects on communities and may have large implications for the Australian water sector going forward.

To gain an understanding of what these implications may be we invite you to join us for a free 90mins discussion event, where a panel of industry experts — aided by detailed analyses of the recent IFD data — will discuss flood modelling and project planning implications, including:

• How the incorporation of current extreme intensities will affect future Intensity-Frequency-Duration (IFD) estimates?
• What is a likely timeframe for current data to be incorporated into usable IFD curves?
• Is it wise for practitioners to manually adjust estimates with frequency analyses in the meantime?
• What were the lessons learned from the 2011 floods and have they been successfully implemented?
• How is the inherent uncertainty in rare rainfall estimation being conveyed to planners?
• How can analyses of current events be used to improve flood resilience?

Please join us for this special 90mins thought-provoking event on 23, March 2022.

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Cathie Barton


Cathie is Team Leader of the BMT Australian flood team and a Senior Principal Engineer with over 30 years of experience, primarily in the field of flood engineering. Cathie specialises in flood studie... Read more

Fiona Johnson

UNSW, Sydney

A/Prof Fiona Johnson is an academic at University of New South Wales based in the Water Research Centre, in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has over 20 years' experience in hydr... Read more

Mark Babister


Mark is a national leader in floodplain management and analysis. Mark has successfully completed numerous hydrologic, hydraulic, floodplain management, infrastructure and dam studies. Mark’s clear, ... Read more

Bryson Bates


Bryson has 30 year of experience in applied climate science. His experience covers the impact of climate on surface water resources and climate and weather extremes. He was a lead author of three IPCC... Read more

Danny Rose

Floodplain Management Australia

Danny is the Technical Director for Floodplain Management Australia, with over ten years experience in the fields of floodplain management, asset management, and infrastructure planning. Danny has bee... Read more

James Weidmann

Water Technology

James has considerable experience and expertise in the areas of water engineering, air quality, contaminated land and environmental management. At Water Technology, James specialises in flooding and d... Read more

Krey Price

International Water Training Institute

Educated at the University of California at Berkeley, Krey is a civil engineer and project manager with international experience in water resources. He is engaged in computational modelling, engineeri... Read more

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Image from www.weatherzone.com.au:

Comparison of the 2022 running annual rainfall total at Sydney’s Observatory Hill weather station to the city’s historical cumulative rainfall range throughout the year. The dark blue line is rainfall in 2022. The blue shaded area represents all historical rainfall observations in Sydney between 1900 and 2020, excluding the highest and lowest 10 percent of records. The white line is the long-term median.


Image courtesy New York Times.

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