Mark is a national leader in floodplain management and analysis. Mark has successfully completed numerous hydrologic, hydraulic, floodplain management, infrastructure and dam studies. Mark’s clear, concise communication style allows him to communicate with all levels of government, stakeholders and the community. Mark has undertaken many infrastructure projects where his key role is to explain the impacts of flooding to a community struggling to understand technical jargon. He has also developed solutions to infrastructure projects that benefit the community both at a regional and a household scale.

Mark is an editor of the 2016 Edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff, giving Mark a high level of familiarity with current and the direction of future best practice both within Australia and Internationally. Mark has had key roles in the development of a number of national best practice documents. Mark has undertaken a number of expert advice roles including the Queensland floods commission of inquiry, Natural Disaster Insurance Review, Ministerial Advisory Council for the Wivenhoe Manual, and the Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study – Independent Panel of Experts.

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