James has considerable experience and expertise in the areas of water engineering, air quality, contaminated land and environmental management. At Water Technology, James specialises in flooding and drainage studies, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, stormwater quantity and quality management, impact assessment, floodplain management and flood mitigation strategies. He has developed advanced proficiency in the use of TUFLOW, HEC-RAS, HY-8, XP-RAFTS, WBNM, URBS and MUSIC, and is on the cutting edge of utilising high resolution rain on grid hydrodynamic modelling and radar rainfall calibration techniques.

James has recently lead the technical modelling team constructing detailed hydrological and hydraulic models for six (6) towns in the Somerset Regional Council area in accordance with ARR19 methodology. Currently, James is spearheading the hydraulic model development for the very large and complex Mary River. The quality of James’ output will markedly assist developing accurate and effective floodplain management strategies for these regions. He has recently developed detailed TUFLOW modelling for Deebing Creek in Ipswich to assess a proposed new major bridge and culvert crossing; the results of which were used to inform structural and scour protection design. James prepares detailed and concise technical reports offering specialised, best practice, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to clients.

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