The On-demand HEC-RAS Training Series comprises four courses available through the Australian Water School:

HEC-RAS Essentials: Learn to build, run, animate, interpret and troubleshoot basic HEC-RAS flood models from scratch
Structures with HEC-RAS: Add bridges, culverts, and other hydraulic structures to HEC-RAS models
Sediment Transport with HEC-RAS: Model mobile bed conditions in HEC-RAS with 1D and 2D sediment transport features
Dam Breach with HEC-RAS: Breach dams in HEC-RAS and assess reservoir drawdown and downstream impacts

How it works

AWS has designed the courses to be delivered as a series with each flowing into the next, allowing attendees to build their skills piece-by-piece.

Attendees can choose one course (based on a specific topic area which is of interest to them), multiple courses, or register for the entire Training Series. Sign up for the whole series and 4 months of access to all the courses. Register now!

Click on the links below to see more individual course details.

Register for the entire Series (incorporating all 4 Courses below) and receive a 15% discount.

1.HEC-RAS Essentials
(OD-23-3-090) Building 1D & 2D flood models
2.Structures with HEC-RAS
(OD-21-2-014) Hydraulic modelling of bridges and culverts
3.Sediment Transport with HEC-RAS
(OD-21-3-015) How to predict sediment movement
4.Dam Breach with HEC-RAS
(OD-21-3-020) Modelling dam breaches and downstream impacts

Register for the ENTIRE series to receive 15% off


The US Army Corps of Engineers, Hydrologic Engineering Center’s River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) is a software program primarily used for the computation of water surface profiles in steady and unsteady, gradually varied flow situations, sediment transport and water temperature/water quality modelling. It is recognised as an industry standard program and is widely used throughout the world.

Download the latest version of HEC-RAS here:

Testimonials of HEC-RAS Courses

– “The explanation on how things work behind the user interface was very helpful”
– “These online courses are a great, low-cost format, and would be happy to do more of these.”
– “The highly interactive nature of the session, allowing time for questions but also proceeding at a decent speed.”
– “The ability to interact as required via chat was hugely beneficial. The clarity of instruction was excellent.”
– “I found going through all the exercises together was very useful. It has become really easy to replicate what I learned in the session for my projects.”

What’s included

Each course in the series features:

  • 2-hour sessions x 2-3 per course (dependent on the course) and the recordings to view as many times as required in a month
  • Sign up for the entire series and you will have 4 months of access to all the courses
  • Ability to ask questions to the presenters at any time through the learning platform
  • PDF manual of the course. The manual is recommended for ongoing use
  • Working models, downloaded from the learning platform before starting the course
  • Exercises / homework to complete between the parts of the course
  • Pre-reading and viewing materials

Please note: The HEC-RAS Training Series is designed to be taken individually. Each course is highly practical and hands-on. To provide the best-desired learning outcomes, it’s recommended you set up in a quiet space with dual monitors (i.e. one screen with the session and the other with the software/exercise that attendees can work on simultaneously). The courses are not designed for a board-room setup.

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