This landmark panel discussion is designed to change your life, or at least your lifestyle! When you trace a single-use plastic bottle from a polluted waterway to its final destination, swirling endlessly in an ocean gyre, you may think twice about discarding that bottle – or even purchasing it in the first place!

Meet filmmaker Beau Miles, who will recount his kayak journey along one of Australia's most polluted waterways. Watch his viral video below before joining the webinar, and bring your questions along for this singular opportunity to engage with Beau and a panel of expert marine scientists specialising in plastic pollution.

Much of the pollution Beau encountered on his journey will eventually make it out to sea where it will continue to wreak havoc on the marine environment. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one repository of plastics and other refuse that will haunt the planet for generations to come.

In this special panel event, you’ll also have the chance to meet Captain Charles Moore, who discovered the trash vortex and has dedicated his career to raising awareness of the growing crisis it represents.

Join us for what is sure to be one of our liveliest discussions to date as we consider the feasibility of a range of ideas for removing microplastics and other debris in the ocean gyres; the simplest answer to the accumulation of rubbish in the ocean is of course to prevent plastics and other pollutants from reaching our waterways in the first place. To this end, we'll present innovative gross pollutant traps and other litter management techniques for improving the water quality of our local waterways, including 3D CFD animations of debris removal systems.


Beau Miles

Beau Miles

Beau is a Youtuber, dad, ex-academic, author of The Backyard Adventurer and has a PhD in expeditionary learning. Beau started as an undergraduate student in 1999 at Monash University in Melbourne, Aus... Read more

Charles Moore

The Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research

Since discovering the accumulation of garbage in the North Pacific subtropical gyre in 1997, Captain Moore has been focused on bringing attention to microplastics. His landmark study on microplastics ... Read more

Michelle Blewitt


Dr Blewitt, Program Director of AUSMAP, is a Marine Scientist, with over 30 years’ experience, and a passion for education, research and conservation. With a PhD in marine mammal bioacoustics and... Read more

Brad Dalrymple

Ocean Protect

Brad is an Environmental Engineer with over 20 years’ of environmental engineering experience and a passion for protecting our planet. He is Principal Environmental Engineer at Ocean Protect – ... Read more

Brad Clarke

University of Melbourne

Dr Brad Clarke is currently a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry at the University of Melbourne (UoM) and lead researcher of the “Australian Laboratory for Emerging Co... Read more

Krey Price

International Water Training Institute

Educated at the University of California at Berkeley, Krey is a civil engineer and project manager with international experience in water resources. He is engaged in computational modelling, engineeri... Read more

Please watch Beau’s short documentary: “Bad River” below before attending this panel discussion.

Also, check out Captain Moore’s website.


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