How does sustainable water management help in balancing the social, environmental and financial demands in unconventional gas extraction? As unconventional gas extraction increases in Australia, it is important and necessary for all industry and community water users to better understand how the natural and the engineered water cycle interacts with the unconventional gas industry, including how water can be treated and recycled. This webinar will also touch on the varying regulations surrounding the protection of waterways, groundwater, soil health, and biodiversity.


Ben Kele

Arris Water

Ben is the Director at Arris Water and completing his PhD at Central Queensland University. Ben has 20 years’ experience in the water industry and has researched, built and operated a wide range of ... Read more

Karis Tingey

Arris Pty Ltd

Karis has 13 years’ experience in water resource management as a senior manager within the Western Australian Department of Water as Program Manager and District Manager, Kimberley. Karis has spent ... Read more

Carine Saison

Arris Pty Ltd

Carine has over 10 years’ experience in soil science, particularly in soil and water contamination from agricultural and past industrial activities (former coke plants).  Her research also included... Read more