The Froude Number helps us to define one of the most essential characteristics of flow. How do concepts developed by a naval architect apply to static structures? Join us for this critical introduction of Froude and his famous number. We’ll take the Froude Number back to First Principles, find out how subcritical and supercritical flow relate to the Mach Number through Newton’s method, and present the application of the Froude Number in hydraulic design.

This webinar will have important background information for our H&H training series which will kick-off in May 2022 with another free webinar From Courant to Saint Venant.


Hubert Chanson

University of Queensland

Hubert Chanson is Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland, where he has been since 1990, having previously enjoyed an industrial career for six years. His main field of expertis... Read more

April Jennifer Choi

Jacobs | Kennedy Space Center

Although April is most well known for her skills with a whip (she has broken over a dozen Guinness World Records in whip cracking, after all!), she is also an engineering manager for mechanical analys... Read more

Robert Keller

R. J. Keller & Associates and Monash University

Dr Keller has worked exclusively as a hydraulics engineer and modelling specialist since 1972.  His main areas of expertise are steady and transient flow analyses of pipe network and irrigation syste... Read more

Chris Goodell

Kleinschmidt Associates

Chris is the Principal Consultant for Hydraulics and Hydrology at Kleinschmidt Associates. Chris specializes in water resources hydraulic engineering. He has a background in both hydraulic design and... Read more

Krey Price

International Water Training Institute

Educated at the University of California at Berkeley, Krey is a civil engineer and project manager with international experience in water resources. He is engaged in computational modelling, engineeri... Read more

This webinar provides important background information for our H&H training series which will kick-off in May 2022.


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