Dr. Stanford Gibson is the sediment specialist at the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) where he has worked for twenty years. He is responsible for implementing the sediment transport capabilities in the Corps of Engineers’ 1D open channel hydraulics model, HEC-RAS. Dr. Gibson
also regularly applies these capabilities in support of ecosystem restoration, flood risk management, reservoir, and navigation projects. Dr. Gibson has a Phd in Hydraulic Engineering from UC Davis, and graduate degrees in Geotechnical Engineering, Restoration Ecology, and Theology. Stanford was the 2020 USACE, Flood and Coastal Researcher of the Year, the employee of the year at HEC and Institute of Water Resources Employee in 2018, a 2018 Fulbright Specialist, and was the 2017 USACE practitioner of the year in the hydrology, hydraulics and coastal Community of Practice. Dr. Gibson has authored over 60 technical publications including more than 15 in peer review journals.

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