Shuang Gao is an Environmental Engineer and software developer. He currently works at BMT’s Brisbane office on the development and testing of the TUFLOW software suite, a set of shallow water equation solvers. He completed his undergraduate study at Nanjing University and his master’s and PhD studies at Tokyo Institute of Technology. As part of his master’s and PhD degrees he developed a 2D Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model for the flow and sediment transport assessment of composite channels with vegetated floodplain.

Since joining BMT in 2017 Shuang has been involved in a variety of R&D projects, flood and coastal modelling, technical support, training and marketing. Shuang’s R&D experience includes developing a multi-sediment fraction bedload transport module for TUFLOW FV, implementing sub-grid sampling methods and a variety of new turbulence models for TUFLOW. His main interests lie in the development of cutting-edge modelling methods applied to real-world engineering problems.

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