In this webinar we look at how water businesses can become more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint, lowering water bills and making happier customers.
There a very few water businesses who have reached zero-energy while the opportunities to achieve this have increased significantly. So why haven’t they taken this on yet? This webinar will explore how SA Water in South Australia plans to achieve zero-energy by 2020.


Ashley Nicholls

SA Water

Ashley is an Energy Portfolio Manager at SA Water. He is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a Master of Business Administration and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance. With over 30 years experience... Read more

• Understood how SA Water participates as a sophisticated customer in the Australian electricity market
• Shared SA Water’s vision and framework for its energy program
• Showed how SA Water will reach its zero net energy cost goal
• Described innovative energy trial projects underway
• Sharde how a water utility is uniquely positioned to benefit from renewable energy generation
• Saw how SA Water uses its existing assets to manage its electricity price risks

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