Want to know more about trading in the Australian water market? Come and learn key concepts such as entitlements, reliability, temporary and permanent water, trade limits etc. Within the webinar we also look at trade rules, risks and how to limit these risks when trading. We will finish with a water market update and 2020 outlook.

During the webinar we will use a new free app called Waterflow™ which at a glance shows temporary and permanent water trade history, storage levels, associated rules plus much more. Waterflow™ is completely independent and designed to help reduce the complexity of water trading.

Waterflow™ was built from the ground up by Marsden Jacob Associates in collaboration with DAWR, Australian Government, BRII, Alliance Software.


Simo Tervonen

Marsden Jacob Associates

Simo joined Marsden Jacob Associates’ Sydney office in July 2017. Simo brings a rare level of nationwide expertise in all facets of water markets, policy and trade protocols, and is widely recognise... Read more

Jeremy Cheeseman

Marsden Jacob Associates

Jeremy is a Director at Marsden Jacob Associates and one of Australia’s leading applied natural resource and environmental economists, specialising in water and the environment.  He has more than t... Read more

This webinar is useful for a range of attendees including: Australian irrigators, agribusinesses, water managers, real estate and valuers, international fund managers, investors, Government agencies looking for solutions to understand water market information.

This webinar will address:

  1. An overview of key terms used in the Water market and when trading water
  2. How to use Waterflowtm as a resource when looking to trade water
  3. Where the Australian water market heading.



See the waterflow app at: https://www.waterflow.io/

BRII – https://www.business.gov.au/assistance/business-research-and-innovation-initiative


DAWR – http://www.agriculture.gov.au

Aust Gov – https://minister.agriculture.gov.au/littleproud

Waterflow Registration https://www.waterflow.io/register

Once you register you can use all of Waterflows Free features 

Water University


Market Overview


Reports and Outlooks


The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) – https://www.mdba.gov.au/managing-water/water-markets-and-trade

Alliance Software https://www.alliancesoftware.com.au/


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