Webinar: QGIS for water modellers

Learn how to apply free GIS applications and plugins to aid the development and animation of hydrologic and hydraulic models

QGIS is a free and open-source cross-platform desktop geographic information system application that is used by water modellers to support viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data.

This webinar covers free tools to aid your hydrologic and hydraulic modelling efforts and provides live demonstrations of:
• MDAL: GIS beyond vector and raster
• MDAL integration with QGIS
• Using the mesh layer and Crayfish plugin for animating 2D flood models, including HEC-RAS 2D, TUFLOW, AnuGA, and more!

Date: Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Time: 9:30am (Australia/Sydney; find your local time)

Format: Total time for Presentation + Discussion will be 60 minutes only.

Cost: Free

Chair: Trevor Pillar, National Partnerships Manager

Resources: Webcasts and other documents will be available here



Saber Razmjooei

Lutra Consulting

Saber Razmjooei, is the Managing Director, Lutra Consulting. Saber holds an Msc in Water Resource Engineering. He worked in the water sector in the UK for 10 years, before starting Lutra Consulting. L... Read more

Krey Price

Surface Water Solutions

Educated at the University of California at Berkeley, Krey is a civil engineer and project manager with international experience in water resources. He is engaged in computational modelling, engineeri... Read more

Hans van der Kwast

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Hans van der Kwast is senior lecturer in ecohydrological modelling at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. Hans holds a PhD in Physical Geography. During his previous work at the Flemish Institute... Read more



Webinar: QGIS for water modellers

Water Modelling & GIS

11 Dec 2019


  1. QGIS is a free, open-source GIS platform with many plugins that can aid water modellers
  2. QGIS continues to evolve, with new plugins developed to accommodate hardware and software advances
  3. Crowdfunding or paid consultation is available for the development of new tools, which are made freely available to the public




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