In this webinar Gerry and Craig discussed a proposal for state development using state-of-the-art, high-tech greenhouses, to create jobs and value for South Australia out of the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS).
While the South Australian Government is driving the recycled water infrastructure component, the private sector is driving the high-tech export food production initiative.
We also learnt how world food security imperatives are driving the project and how the concept has developed to date, with a plan to grow SA’s fledgling export capability into a world leading export position.


Gerry Doyle

Tonkin Consulting

Gerry is the Chief Executive Officer of Tonkin Consulting. He is responsible for implementation of the organisation’s external strategy and developing ongoing business relationships. Gerry combines ... Read more

Craig Katz

Purus Group

Craig has been involved in international trade, branding and marketing for the majority of his career. Having arrived in South Australia 5 years ago, Craig noticed a lack of Australian products on the... Read more

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