A scientific inquiry in the Northern Territory has made recommendations for the sustainable management of surface and groundwater resources, and to mitigate environmental, social, cultural and economic risks associated with hydraulic fracturing for onshore shale gas, where possible, to acceptable levels. This means that the quality of the water should not be affected to the extent that it can no longer support human drinking, agriculture, stock watering or aquatic ecosystems, in accordance with the relevant Australian drinking water and water quality guidelines.


Andy Lukas

AJ Lucas Constructions Pty Ltd & Luco Energy & Infrastructure

Andy is the managing director of AJ Lucas Constructions Pty. Ltd. With over 40-year experience in the pipeline and drilling industry in the United States and South East Asia, Andy is well known as a l... Read more

Ben Kele

Arris Water

Ben is the Director at Arris Water and completing his PhD at Central Queensland University. Ben has 20 years’ experience in the water industry and has researched, built and operated a wide range of ... Read more


Scientific inquiry into hydraulic fracturing in the Northern Territory – Final Report March 2018

Summary of the Final Report – April 2018


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