Professor Howard Fallowfield explained high rate algal pond technology and its application to wastewater reuse for small communities in both developed and developing countries. This innovation significantly speeds up the turn-around time from wastewater to irrigation water and is relevant for towns and villages particularly in dry regions that need irrigation water for farms, parks and gardens.


Howard Fallowfield

Flinders University

Howard is an aquatic microbial ecologist. His research focus is health aspects of water quality, which has been conducted across a range of aquatic environments including drinking water, wastewater an... Read more

This webinar will discuss issues and address learnings including:
1. Public health associated with water recycling with reference to the Australian National Guidelines for Water Recycling: Managing Health and Environmental Risks.
2. The Kingston-on-Murray case study in UNESCO/GWPP to demonstrate how risk based guidelines are employed in practice.
3. Biology driving HRAPs for treatment and disinfection.

Chair: Trevor Pillar, National Partnerships Manager, ICE WaRM
Cost: Free
Format: 20min presentation + 20min Q&A
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