Howard is an aquatic microbial ecologist. His research focus is health aspects of water quality, which has been conducted across a range of aquatic environments including drinking water, wastewater and recreational waters. Professor Fallowfield has some 25 year’s research experience in the UK and Australia, designing, constructing, operating and evaluating the performance of pilot plants for both drinking water and wastewater treatment. Successful research projects include the design and operation of high rate algal ponds (HRAPs) for the treatment of abattoir wastewater; construction and evaluation of new HRAP designs for the treatment of wastewater from rural communities in South Australia. The application of HRAPs for the treatment of wastewaters and on-site biomass energy production is also a current research project. A further research interest is the remediation of drinking water and groundwater contaminated with inorganic nitrogen, pharmaceuticals and personal care products using biological filters. He is coordinator of Research Higher Degrees and the Health and Environment Group within the School of the Environment at Flinders University.

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