Webinar: Dry to wet, hot to cool– the climate of 2016 and a peek into the new year

Bureau of Meteorology: Dr Andrew Watkins, Manager of Climate Prediction Services

Join Bureau of Meteorology Climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins for a discussion on the recent climate and water events of 2016 and the outlook for November to January 2017. Australia had its second-wettest September on record and above average rainfall and stream flows are likely to continue for the rest of 2016. Andrew will look at what this means for the Murray-Darling Basin. What will these events mean for our water supply? What has driven our climate so far this year? What will drive the climate over summer? What are the odds for La Nina in the next few months?

Date: Friday, 28 October 2016

Contact: Trevor Pillar tpillar@awschool.com.au

Resources: Webcasts and other documents will be available here



Andrew Watkins

Bureau of Meteorology

Dr. Andrew Watkins has been the Manager of Climate Prediction Services at the Bureau of Meteorology since 2011, after joining the Bureau in 1999. Before life at the BoM, he worked at the Southern Hemi... Read more





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