Join our expert presenters who will demonstrate powerful new tools that can help automate flood assessments and modelling. Using satellite imagery or aerial photography, these tools can aid the process of delineating features for building flood models or quantifying impacts for flood assessments.

Witness how experts undertook a rapid assessment of Ukraine's recent Karkhovka Dam breach using powerful geospatial tools to provide predictions of upstream and downstream impacts. Our presenters will also demonstrate how a rapid assessment of the devastating 2022 floods in Pakistan was conducted by the United Nations.

Discover how emerging GIS plugins can be applied to map areas with needs, provide simulations of the events that occurred, and help to prevent flood-related loss of life and resources in the future. The presentation will also include a live demonstration of MetaAI's Segment Anything tool for flood mapping applications and model input data preparation. Following the presentations, our live, interactive panel discussion will address the future of harnessing AI technology to predict and assess flood impacts more efficiently.


Jonas van Schrojenstein Lantman

Nelen & Schuurmans

Educated at the Technical University of Twente (NL), Jonas is Product Manager of Nelen & Schuurmans Technology, which provides specialist software for the water sector. This software is used in ov... Read more

Joost van der Hammen

Nelen & Schuurmans

Joost van der Hammen has almost 15 years of experience in the water and IT sector. He started at Rijkswaterstaat, the executive agency of the Ministry of Water and Infrastructure of the Netherlands. H... Read more

Taofiq Huq

Spiral Blue

Taofiq is Founder and CEO of Spiral Blue, where he leads a dynamic team of space engineers and data scientists on a quest to make Earth observation more accessible. Originally founded in 2017, Spiral ... Read more

Krey Price

International Water Training Institute

Educated at the University of California at Berkeley, Krey is a civil engineer and project manager with international experience in water resources. He is engaged in computational modelling, engineeri... Read more

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image source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/31/pakistan-floods-before-and-after-images-show-extent-of-devastation