You will be exposed to the most critical issues facing the industry and gain understanding on likely directions in the next few years.


George Gates

CSG & GW Consultant

As Director of Water Management Implementation in the NSW Office of Water, George was responsible for surface and groundwater management. He has been writing groundwater policy for the NSW government ... Read more

Randall Cox


Randall is a hydrogeologist with extensive experience in groundwater management and water resources policy. Randall is the General Manager of the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA) in Quee... Read more

Ryan Morris

Origin Energy

Ryan was a consultant for ten years, where his technical interests included water supply, deep bores and mine water management. He accepted an industry position with Origin Energy after working on the... Read more

Damian Barrett


Professor Damian Barrett has more than 20 years research experience. Currently he is leading CSIRO’s research in unconventional gas and he is also the Director of GISERA, the Gas Industry Social and... Read more

Saji Joseph


Saji is the Director of Strategic Water Programs for the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines. He is accountable for developing strategic policies and programs related to surface and g... Read more

Nicola Fry

EMM Consulting Pty Limited

Nicola is a Sydney based hydrogeologist with EMM Consulting Pty Limited, and previously worked at AGL Energy on their eastern Australian coal seam gas projects. She holds an Honours degree in geology ... Read more

David Free


David is the Chief Hydrogeologist with DNRM and has some 40 years’ experience undertaking groundwater investigations, assessment and management across most aquifer types in Queensland with a strong ... Read more

Larry Sirmans

Future Energy Solutions

Larry has in excess of 20 years of worldwide industry experience in industrial process and high value project delivery. He has worked and consulted in a diverse range of industries including: steel, a... Read more

Keith Phillipson


Keith is a Director of Technical Projects with the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA), Department of Natural Resources and Mines. He has over 20 years experience as a consultant hydrogeolo... Read more

Attend 1 or both days: Day 1: Coal Seam Gas Day 2: Shale Gas


– Understand water management policies being legislated for gas extraction
– Learn how water science underpins gas policy development
– Know how to discuss policy and water management issues with consultants
– Understand how gas regulations are being developed
– Recognise mission-critical water issues in gas extraction

Who Comes:
– Australian Rivers Institute, SA Arid Lands
– Griffith University
– MWA Environmental
– MWES Consulting
– Osmoflo
– Veolia

This course is designed and delivered by the leading practitioners, regulators and scientists working on gas-extraction environment issues. Course Presenters include George GatesRandall Cox, Ben Kele and a team of their colleagues from AGL, Arris, CSIRO, DNRM Qld, EHP Qld, FES, GISERA, OGIA Qld and Origin.

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Day 1, Coal Seam Gas

CSG-Production-from_totalcomChair: George Gates

Topics include:

  • Managing CSG water extraction impacts in Queensland
  • Improving our understanding and modelling of the groundwater flow system in the Surat Basin
  • Changes to better align management of water extraction for CSG and mining projects
  • Water use after extraction
  • Reinjection of treated CSG water into aquifers
  • Compliance and engagement in the CSG industry
  • Background methane emissions in the landscape

View Day 1 CSG Programme

Video: ‘Who’s drilling for coal gas?’, ABC Splash, ABC Catalyst

Who's drilling for coal gas_ABC Splash

Day 2, Shale Gas

Chair: Ben Kele

Shale-Gas-Production-from_totalcomTopics include:

  • How does Shale Gas differ from CSG
  • Extraction techniques
  • Use of water in the fracking process
  • Shale Opportunities in Australia
    • Australian Shale Gas Reserves
    • Western Australian Developments
    • Expansion Plans for Queensland
  • Contaminants of Concern in Shale Gas Water
    • Examples of differences between Shale and CSG
  • International Case Studies on Shale Gas Water Treatment
  • Development of the Shale Gas Industry in North America
    • What’s worked; what’s failed
    • How the development of new extraction techniques have impacted on water
    • Why have certain water treatment techniques proved dominant
  • Australian Regulations for Shale Gas
    • National Regulation
    • State Based Regulation
  • Discussions

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Video: Hydraulic Fracturing, MarathonOilCorp                      Video: Fracking in Questions, Total.com








WD04 core hole, Bulga NSW