Yogita Dashora has four years experience in research, field work and extensions related to Groundwater recharge estimation in Irrigation Water Management. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Engineering from College of Technology and Agriculture engineering, MPUAT, Udaipur, INDIA, in 2010. She has a M. Engg. Degree in Irrigation Water Management Engineering. She is now completing the writing of her PhD thesis and is expected to submit it by the end of July 2017 entitled”Evaluating the Effectiveness of Managed Aquifer Recharge Structures in the Dharta Watershed, Rajasthan, India”. Her thesis is based on working with farmers and collecting data in difficult field conditions. She has presented her part of research in ISMAR9 conference. Yogata is an ICE WaRM fellow at Flinders University, Bedford park campus, Adelaide. The areas of her interest are Water Resources Engineering, Water Balance, Water Resources Management, Irrigation Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Hydrology, Groundwater, Hydrological Modeling. She has proficiency in working on different RS and GIS software. She has attended 2 outreach programs (of 5 months) conducted by Indian Space Research Organisation on RS&GIS and its application along with some basic trainings.

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