Michael is a geomorphologist with 17 years’ experience coordinating research and consultancy projects for clients such as water authorities, utility companies, and local and state government. Michael has seven years’ experience in fluvial landscape process research, working on a variety of research projects funded by industry and the Australian Research Council.

Michael is a certified environmental practitioner (CEnvP) and specialises in waterway assessment and management (with specialist expertise in geomorphology and sedimentology). He has produced numerous international publications and has managed large-scale research and consultancy projects reporting to lead investigators, industry partners and clients. Michael has a wealth of experience in a wide range of field assessment techniques; geomorphologic and sedimentologic data analysis and interpretation; waterway management techniques; and floodplain sedimentology and hydrology.

Michael is chair of the Specialist Environmental Advisory Committee for the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme for Fluvial Geomorphologists practising in Australia and New Zealand. Michael has been engaged as part of multiple expert review teams assessing the environmental performance mine sites, government grant applications for river rehabilitation and technical advice for major roads projects. He has also acted as Principal Editor, leading a team of experts from across Australia in the development of the Queensland Stream Management Guidelines.

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