Mr. Bartles is a Hydraulic Engineer with ten years of experience specializing in Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling, Statistical Hydrology, and Software Development. Mike has been the project lead for the Statistical Software Package (HEC-SSP) which is used to perform numerous types of statistical analyses meant to support hydrologic and hydraulic applications.  Additionally, Mike participates as a member of the Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS), Corps Water Management System (CWMS), and Watershed Analysis Tool (HEC-WAT) teams at HEC.  Mike develops lecture and workshop material for application of HEC software and provides training within the Corps’ PROSPECT program and around the world.  In addition to developing software and training materials, Mike provides technical support on the application of HEC software, performs project studies, and develops guidance for use within dam and levee safety studies.  Major studies in which Mike has recently been involved include the Tulsa/West Tulsa Levee System Risk Analysis, Garrison & Fort Peck Dam Safety studies, Mosul Dam Safety Modification study, and the Potomac River CWMS Implementation.  Mike is also a member of the national Hydrologic Hazards Team and CWMS Implementation Team which perform hydrologic and hydraulic modeling investigations throughout the entire United States.

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