Dr. Demir the Director of UI Hydroinformatics Labis and an associate professor at the University of Iowa. Dr. Demir received his PhD in Environmental Informatics from University of Georgia. Dr. Demir’s research focuses on hydroinformatics, environmental information systems, scientific visualization, big data analytics, intelligent systems, and information communication. Dr. Demir is interested in exploring novel computational techniques and approaches for environmental engineering applications. His research projects include intelligent systems, smart assistants and chatbots for flooding, crowdsourced augmented reality applications for environmental monitoring, virtual reality and cyberlearning systems for hydrological simulations, and holographic applications for emergency management.

Dr. Demir studied machine intelligence and environmental information systems during his graduate studies (MS, PhD). He is the lead architect and developer of many novel research and operational information systems including Iowa Flood Information System, Iowa Water Quality Information System, NASA IFloodS and SMAP Satellite Mission Information Systems, Georgia Watershed Information System, and many others.

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