David has significant experience in climate change adaptation planning and processes. He is Head of Capability and Innovation and a Senior Principal at BMT Environment Australia, and has led a range of climate change risk and management projects for a variety of clients. David was Deputy Director/General Manager of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), where he led a variety of climate change adaptation projects around Australia. David has worked on climate change related projects for States and Territories, including providing expert review and input into climate risk assessments, climate change adaptation monitoring and reporting, and leading the development of state specific information based on national climate change research. David has delivered training on climate adaptation risk assessments to local government and state officers. He was a lead developer of the highly regarded CoastAdapt resource delivered by NCCARF, which included development of a risk assessment framework for coastal adaptation. He has developed bespoke climate adaptation guidance for different sectors including the investment sector, the NRM sector, coastal infrastructure and coastal managers. He is an accomplished workshop facilitator and project manager and has led multidisciplinary teams to develop state adaptation plans, local government adaptation plans and risk assessments for business and industry. David is a Non- Executive Director of Green Cross Australia, a not-for-profit organisation supporting Australian businesses, industry and community to increase their resilience to climate change.

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