Assoc Prof Steven Siems has a PhD majoring in Numerical Studies of Stratocumulus Clouds from the University of Washington. Steve’s background in boundary layer meteorology and cloud physics continues to guide many of his research activities today. Now at Monash University, Steve is currently leading a joint project with Snowy Hydro Ltd, Hydro Tasmania, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, and the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, to investigate the formation of precipitation in wintertime storms across Tasmania and the lower Great Dividing Range. Recent research has demonstrated that the pristine air over the Southern Ocean frequently contains large amounts of supercooled liquid water. The weather systems off the Southern Ocean are the sources of much of the wintertime orographic precipitation across the southern portion of Australia. Steve has a wider research interest in the weather systems off the Southern Ocean, especially in the boundary layer which is unique given the strong winds, waves and extreme amounts of sea spray. Steve is also interested in the precipitation from the trade winds regime along the coast of Queensland.

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