Arthur has worked for 49 years in his chosen profession as a Civil Engineer, including 11 years in Local Government, 3 years in the civil engineering contracting industry and 35 years as an engineering consultant. The last 33 years of his career have been associated with the mining industry and mine subsidence engineering. In 1996 Arthur began developing his own consultancy company called Mine Subsidence Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd in 2003. The company has successfully completed more than 500 studies into the impacts of mine subsidence on surface infrastructure and natural features. Arthur has also made presentations on mine subsidence impacts to a number of government Inquiries and has been responsible for the preparation of evidence on mine subsidence issues as an expert witness to the Supreme Court, the District Court, the Land and Environment Court and the Land and Resources Tribunal in Queensland. Arthur has also been responsible for major research projects, funded by ACARP grants and in 2009 received an ACARP Research Excellence Award.

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