In this webinar, John Sharples will showcase the Bureau’s suite of national groundwater products including the National Groundwater Information System, Australian Groundwater Explorer, Australian Groundwater Insight and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDE) Atlas. John will demonstrate how these products support a range-of-use cases and day-to-day decisions, such as environmental impact assessments, water planning and management, and research.


John Sharples

Bureau of Meteorology

John is a Senior Hydrogeologist working with the Bureau of Meteorology’s groundwater team. He is primarily responsible for groundwater data management, helping fulfil the Bureau’s obligations unde... Read more

Nationally consistent groundwater information is needed to underpin decisions about our precious underground resource. The Bureau of Meteorology has collaborated with agencies from across Australia to collate their groundwater data and integrate it into a suite of national groundwater products including:

These products are valuable to both technical and non-technical users, such as resource managers, farmers, property owners, policymakers, consultants, researchers, scientists and interested public.

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