To improve the confidence of investors and regulators and help inform public funding initiatives in northern Australia, the Australian Government commissioned CSIRO to lead a 2.5 year, multi-disciplinary, Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment involving over 120 scientists. Recently completed, this webinar provides an overview of the comprehensive water and agricultural resource findings and highlight broad learnings, many of which are also applicable globally.


Cuan Petheram


Cuan Petheram is a hydrologist and principal research scientist at CSIRO, Australia and was the project leader of the CSIRO Bradfield Scheme Assessment. He has a BEng from the University of Melbourne ... Read more

Andrew Ash


Dr Andrew Ash is a Chief Research Scientist in CSIRO Agriculture. He has 30 years research experience in climatically variable tropical rangelands and agricultural systems in northern Australia and so... Read more

Chris Chilcott


Dr Chris Chilcott is the CSIRO Land and Water Deputy Director and leads CSIRO’s work on developing Northern Australia based at the Darwin laboratory. He is responsible for facilitating strategic, mu... Read more

Marcus Barber


Marcus Barber is an environmental anthropologist with CSIRO Land and Water. He has over 15 years field research experience with Aboriginal Australians, focused on contemporary cultural and natural res... Read more

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Sustainable regional development is a key priority for Australian governments. However, in the north of Australia the landscape is vast, sparsely populated and much of its land and water resources have not been mapped in sufficient detail to provide for reliable resource allocation, mitigate investment or environmental risks, or confidently build policy settings that can support decisions.

This webinar may appeal to people with a passing or professional interest in northern Australia, as well as people interested in:

  • multi-disciplinary research;
  • scientific methods for rapidly and comprehensively assessing large areas;
  • irrigation, water resource and regional development
  • science informing policy

Joining Dr Cuan Petheram will be colleagues: Dr Andrew Ash, Dr Chris Chilcott, Dr Marcus Barber

The project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities. It was an initiative of the Australia Government whitepapers on ‘Developing northern Australia’ and ‘Agriculture competitiveness’.
Website: https://www.csiro.au/en/NAWRA
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NAWRA-explorer: https://nawra-explorer.csiro.au/
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