Course Details
A total of 13 case studies spanning 4 regional desalination markets will be discussed in detail, each featured case study will include information on:
* An Overview of the plant history:
– The reasons for the plant’s construction and any unusual offtaker requirement(s)
– How the project delivery method was decided
– The financing method
– The details of the Water Purchase Agreement (if applicable)
* Feasibility/pilot studies involved:
– The design specifications of the plant and the details of how the ‘preferred’ plant design was eventually ‘determined’
– The environmental concerns associated with the plant location e.g. intake and outfall, etc.
* Details of unique plant features:
Discussion of the following:
– Cutting edge technologies employed to increase operational efficiencies
– Integration of new components into an existing facility (if applicable)
– Equipment for specific purposes procured from particular supplier(s)
* Commissioning/testing issues
– Analysis of problems/unexpected scenarios encountered (e.g. equipment failure, product water
quality worse than expected)
* Problems/issues faced since completion:
– Inappropriate choice of components/equipment
– Plant performance
– O&M issues.