Basin Futures is a new tool which answers some of the basic first-order questions needed to analyse water security challenges. This cloud-based application is an entry-level modelling tool that aims to support rapid and exploratory basin planning. Basin Futures has been designed to support users, who explore and plan sustainable water-related development and climate resilient development scenarios.


Amit Parashar


Amit Parashar is a Principal Research Consultant at CSIRO Land & Water. His focus is research partnerships and operationalisation and adoption of research and technology to improve water resource ... Read more

Peter Taylor


Peter Taylor is a Senior Software Engineer in Data61. He is leading the implementation of Basin Futures. Peter has 19 years of experience in environmental monitoring, model integration and information... Read more

Carmel Pollino


Dr Carmel Pollino is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Land & Water. Carmel has 18 years of experience working in delivering science-based solutions for basin planning, risk assessment and e... Read more

For further details see the Basin Futures Facts Sheet: Basin Futures factsheet 1.0


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