This two day course will highlight the importance of groundwater, a hidden resource with the vast majority of the world’s fresh water underground.


Tony Laws

Groundwater Consultant- WA

Tony Laws has been involved in the water industry for more than 45 years and has worked extensively throughout Australia after completing his Masters Degree in Hydrogeology from London University. He ... Read more

This course addresses the fundamentals of groundwater including local and global water balances, types of aquifers, and the interaction of surfacewater and groundwater.

Groundwater Essentials topics include:

  • How important is groundwater to us?
    • Global and local water balances
  • Where do we find groundwater?
    • Introduction to Hydrogeology and Aquifers
  • How do we assess our resource?
    • How do we access groundwater, how is it stored and how does it move, aquifer testing and estimation using pumping tests, monitoring groundwater and Analysis of groundwater data
  • Groundwater-Surface water Interactions.
    • What are the connections, ecosystem dependence on GW & SW, issues of double-dipping
  • Land use impacts – intro to chemistry, quality, contamination.
    • Groundwater chemistry and water quality, pollution and remediation of groundwater
  • Managing groundwater – quantity focus.
    • Allocate, licence and manage our resources to achieve sustainability
  • Protecting groundwater – quality focus.
    • Protect our resources to avoid contamination to assure sustainability
  • Case Studies and Tutorials

Uncontrolled artesian bore. Under the Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative, about $140 million over 15 years (1999–2014) has been invested to repair and replace open bore drains with piped systems.