Webinar: Unlocking water resources to expand agriculture

Wednesday, 13 November, 2019

Case-studies from the Northern Adelaide Plains and remote Indigenous communities.

We need to get smarter about how we maximise the use of our water resources. The global demand for more and better water has led water resource managers and scientists in Australia to develop a number of innovative cross-disciplinary assessment methods drawing from the fields of soil science, environmental chemistry, climate science, hydrogeology, hydrology, geophysics, remote sensing and spatial analysis.

In this webinar, two leading researchers working with the Goyder Institute for Water Research, discuss new approaches that have been successfully applied to assess the availability and potential use of surface water, groundwater and recycled water resources, in two case studies from South Australia: the extension of an irrigated agricultural area in the Northern Adelaide Plains using a range of water supply options; and the identification of groundwater resources in a data-poor arid region opening up development opportunities such as small-scale agricultural projects.

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