Webinar: Next generation 2D hydraulic modelling

Thursday, 15 July, 2021

Hear from Philip Ryan, software development lead for @TUFLOW Classic, discuss whether this is the end of the 1D open channel modelling?

Carving a 1D channel through a 2D mesh has been the only viable option for many hydraulic models since the concept was pioneered by TUFLOW in the early 2000s. TUFLOW’s recent software advances however, have dramatically increased the ability to easily represent open channels in 2D through Sub-Grid Sampling (SGS) and easy to create Quadtree meshes. These features greatly enhance the reliability, simulation speed and workflow efficiency of 2D hydraulic modelling where previously 1D was the only option.

The pros and cons of using 2D instead of 1D for these situations is explored with benchmarking and comparisons to analytical and real-world cases.

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