Webinar: Fired up! Bushfire hydrology

Wednesday, 3 November, 2021

Impacts on catchment hydrology and aquatic fauna
Bushfires can have a tremendous impact on a catchment’s response to rainfall. High-intensity fires can alter the structure and erosivity of the soil, increasing turbidity in the streams while the loss of shade increases water temperature. In the face of climate change, the increasing severity of bushfires should be incorporated in modelling and design exercises.
Which parameters should be adjusted in hydrologic and hydraulic models? How should spillways, culverts, and other hydraulic structures be designed for increased resilience to bushfire impacts?
Join us for this webinar in which expert presenters will demonstrate the impacts of historical events and likely trends for future assessments. The webinar includes the impacts of the recent 2019-20 fires in Australia on in-stream fauna, supported by lab studies showing adapting tolerance to warmer temperatures and reduced oxygen levels in the presence of post-fire ash and sediment.

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