Webinar: ARR Essentials

Thursday, 15 April, 2021

Advance your skills and approaches to assessing flood risk and climate change using Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR).

ARR Essentials also launches an 8-part series of intensive 3-hour Training Courses. Designed for engineers, consultants, modellers, policy makers and the broader water industry, this session, gives an overview of the fundamentals of Australian Rainfall Runoff (ARR) and discusses the philosophy and approaches used.

We also investigate the major changes to ARR since the 1987 edition including the new approach for assessing climate change and lay the foundation for what participants will learn throughout the upcoming course series.

Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) is the national guideline document, data and software suite for the estimation of design flood characteristics in Australia. Originally published in 1958 by Engineers Australia, ARR 4th edition was released in 2019 with support of the Commonwealth Government of Australia and Geoscience Australia.

With national applicability, balancing the varied climates of Australia, it is a pivotal framework to the safety and sustainability of Australian infrastructure, communities and the environment.

The information and the approaches presented in Australian Rainfall and Runoff are essential for policy decisions and projects involving:
– infrastructure such as roads, rail, airports, bridges, dams, stormwater and sewer systems;
– town planning;
– mining;
– developing flood management plans for urban and rural communities;
– flood warnings and flood emergency management;
– operation of regulated river systems; and
– estimation of extreme flood levels.

ARR 4th edition is a major update to guidelines, the first in 30 years and consists of The Guidelines and associated Data hub and software.

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