Webinar: Simplifying water markets

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019

Learn about the Australian Water Market, trading concepts, limiting risk and gain valuable insights with our market outlook.

Want to know more about trading in the Australian Water Market? Come and learn key concepts such as entitlements, reliability, temporary and permanent water, trade limits etc. Within the Webinar we also look at trade rules, risks and how to limit these risks when trading. We will finish with a Water Market update and 2020 outlook.

During the Webinar we will use a new free app called Waterflow™ which at a glance shows temporary and permanent water trade history, storage levels, associated rules plus much more. Waterflow™ is completely independent and designed to help reduce the complexity of water trading.

Waterflow™ was built from the ground up by Marsden Jacob Associates in collaboration with DAWR, Australian Government, BRII, Alliance Software.

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