Webinar: Importance of 2D cell size for accurate hydraulic modelling

Wednesday, 18 November, 2020

To achieve accuracy in hydraulic modelling, hydraulic models need to be designed to suit the specific influencing factors of a site including topography and hydrology, and also be tailored to suit the purpose of the study.

Expert presenter Chris Huxley of BMT (the developers of TUFLOW) discuses best practice methodology for addressing these influencing factors and outlining key considerations in selecting appropriate 2D mesh resolution for a range of catchment scenarios including during flood and urban stormwater inundation assessments. This webinar will present and discuss real-world benchmark results using both, traditional flat cell volume and also contemporary sub-grid sampled topography cell schema approaches. Joined by Bill Syme, TUFLOW Software Business Lead, Chris guides attendees through a suite of case studies and answer questions to help them make the correct decisions and achieve accuracy in hydraulic modelling.

View the Q&A report answered live and by text throughout the webinar here.

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