Webinar: Advances in flood consequence assessments

Wednesday, 2 September, 2020

Hear from Paul Risher, Senior Water Resources Engineer at HDR. An expert panel of presenters will also be ready to answer your questions; including Woody Fields, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers author of HEC-LifeSim software and Krey Price at Surfacewater Solutions.

The importance of proactive flood management decisions, aided by numerical methods.

How much do you actually know about the potential consequence of a flood wave? Numerical consequence assessment software brings together hydraulic, financial, social, and mapping tools to predict flood damage, optimise evacuation routes, and estimate loss of life under a range of scenarios, aiding planners, engineers, emergency services, and other key decision-makers. Flood damage models such as HEC-LifeSim allow you to gain insight into uncertain parameters with scalable analysis tools. Map-based interfaces can quickly highlight traffic bottlenecks, flood hazards and damage hot spots.

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