Webinar: Advancing groundwater-dependent ecosystem detection using radar

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019

This webinar overviews a new method to detect groundwater-dependent ecosystems using radar, a remote sensing method that is not affected by cloud cover.

Groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs) are ecosystems that require access to groundwater at some stage of their lifecycle to survive. Australia is quite unique in our advanced understanding of GDEs, however methods of detection and quantification are predominately at point scales and often very expensive. Remote sensing methods that have been developed are challenged by cloud cover, particularly in tropical and monsoon climates. A new preliminary radar method is presented that is capable of detecting GDEs across regional areas and good temporal scale using Synthetic Apeture Radar data from Sentinel-1. This advancement will aid protection of GDEs in areas where planned groundwater extraction could create a disconnection between GDEs and groundwater (such as irrigated agriculture and mining). Tanya will address issues useful for water managers in developing countries, ecologists/ecohydrologists, engineers, hydrologists.

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